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Would you want a RWD MKZ?

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The Lincoln MKZ is currently offered as a FWD and AWD option. Would any of you guys buy a RWD version. How much more would you be willing to pay for it?
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Well to begin with Lincoln has only a few cars. Unlike other brands that have so many lines consumers get confused to decide on which one is best suitable for them.

This plays well for Lincoln in a way if you think about it. They only have a few vehicles to perfect. Now if they offered three different drive trains within the same vehicle that might now be a bad idea. This will reach out to a number of consumers with different needs whether if it safety, a sports sedan or just a piece of mind for the winter. Having different drivetrains would help.
it is a competitive segment as it is. If that is the solution I think they need to get on it ASAP. What other things do you think would help?
An MKZ EV would be interesting but the cost of one will keep it at the bottom. Just imagine how much it will end up costing. With that price consumers would be looking else where.
YES! Once they have established that they can finally go ahead and fight head to head with cadillac but even if they were to do this now they would have some catching up to do.
Perhaps a coupe in the works can make a great balance and support but that is just part of the rumor mill at the moment. I would love to see it happen from Lincoln.

Who would want to see a rwd coupe!?
1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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