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Would you want a RWD MKZ?

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The Lincoln MKZ is currently offered as a FWD and AWD option. Would any of you guys buy a RWD version. How much more would you be willing to pay for it?
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Lincoln needs a FWD vehicle, the MKZ is one of their best selling sedans and if they want to keep up with the times, having at least one FWD vehicle is what they have to do. Also it's a great setup to start thinking of turning into an EV

MKZ hardtop EV = WANT
electric powertrains are better left to ford
let lincoln get up to speed with the rest of the luxury car industry then suggest electric
Lincoln needs to do something to stand out. Cadillac has the ELR EV Coupe which already helps with showing a side of Cadillac never seen before, it's time Lincoln does it's part. Moving with where the industry is going an ELR EV rival or something close will make the luxury EV battle very fun.
I think the RWD issue comes down to platforms, seeing as MKZ shares one with the Fusion FWD/AWD is the only option, barring engineering revisions..
this is it.

at this point there's no way they will go back to RWD with the way the industry is moving. MKZ will stay FWD/AWD for years to come
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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