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Why did you choose MKZ?

  • Because its a Lincoln

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Because its more than Fusion

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • Design and Technology

    Votes: 7 58.3%
  • Features at the Price Point

    Votes: 4 33.3%
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What was it really that drew you to the MKZ?

Are you a Lincoln loyalist and refuse to drive anything other?

Liked the Fusion but didn't want to be so mainstream?

Design and Technology?

Or was it because there is no other car in segment that offers you the same features at that price point? To me this is the biggie, you can absolutely option an A6 or 5er to the same spec as MKZ, good luck getting out with your wallet in tact, I mean we're talking like $15-20K more for the german...

for my 2011 model it was due to features and reliability compared to Japanese cars, but after dealing with my dealer (Wayne NJ) I sold on continually buying Lincolns. I felt I got service and followup that exceeded Infiniti and Acura dealers by me.

As for the new MKZ I don't like the My Lincoln Touch System and it is a big overpriced considering the MKC will be priced at $34k and the MKZ is $35k. If Lincoln drops the all touch system and just the price to $32k I will defiantly buy one. $35k is just too tempting to go C Class or 3 Series.
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