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Deja Vu perhaps.....

So, I just got my 2017 3.0T AWD from Carmax 1 month ago.

After having the car a week, I notice a vibration when making sharp and or low speed turns. I could hear popping and feel gears from under the chassis.
I knew it was PTU or rear differential.

Fortunately, the car is ufactory Warranty.
Lincoln said the entire rear ended had to be replaced. Everything between the hubs. The differential had no gear oil and was completely destroyed and caused wear on other components.

They checked the PTU and Trans also.

After 2 weeks in the shop, She is fixed and is running well.

Hey all,
My 2016 has 29k miles and recently I noticed a loud whining associated with the wheels turning not the trans. Anyone know anything about or have any issues with wheel bearings or the AWD system? I know it is still under factory drivetrain but I wanted to do some research first.
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