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What do you dislike about the Lincoln MKZ

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What do you dislike about the Lincoln MKZ? This could be anything from an exterior design feature to how it handles.

To start, I really dislike the lower part of the rear bumper that just has a bunch of black plastic, which is not something I think a true luxury car should have.

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No real complaints about the new Lincoln MKZ I love every bit of it to be honest. I could tell you what it needs though, is a skirt package for the exterior. I think that would be the cherry on top once they come out with that. does any body know if Lincoln has one out for the MKZ?
Your right on that one you can't really tell there is a skirt package. The New 2013 MKZ is a bit rounder up front. When they do it will be the finer touch.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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