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USB Port for Audio Playback FYI

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I recently changed from a 2014 MKZ to a 2016 MKZ (my husband totaled my 2014), in the 2014 we had 2 USB ports in the center console, we used them both. They showed up in the "source" menu as whatever they were named, in my case "music" & "podcast". On our 2016 MKZ one of the USB ports has been replaced with an SD card reader that currently has a navigation maps SD card in it, not sure if it is needed to run navigation or was used to upgrade the maps, according to the manual the SD card can also be used as a audio playback source but its inconvenient (and isn't all about convenience now days...) to maintain both an SD card and a USB stick.

Now to the point of this message, I purchased an active 2 port USB Hub (UPC 037229220827) which in other vehicles have not worked but in our 2016 MKZ it worked great, both USB sticks show up and always resume playback where they left off just like it did on our 2014 MKZ.

In addition it now should be less likely that the USB port will not get damaged due to the USB stick getting knocked around when reaching into the center console. I plan to Velcro the short corded hub to the side of the console.
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