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It's no secret that Lincoln has been struggling in the sales department for the past few years. , but October was a strong month for the brand due to the success of a marketing blitz.

The MkZ was the driving force behind the strong sales figures for October. Sales of the MKZ were up 70% over a year ago, although those numbers may be slightly misleading since a new model hit the market earlier this year.

Lincoln launched an ad campaign called "Uncovering Lincoln" for the MKZ in early October, and Lincoln sales and service chief Kevin Cour is happy wit the results.

After month after month of struggling with its sales figures, Lincoln can take a moment to catch its breath again with a 30% gain in sales for the month of October. Last month Lincoln sold fewer than 6,500 new cars and its overall sales are down about 6% so far this year.

Can a good marketing campaign really work wonders for Lincoln? What should Lincoln do to continue this upwards trend?
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