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Somewhere on this web site I found a Ford/Lincoln TSB site:

The problem is that you need to check this site almost every day because its only 1 page long, so older tsb's roll off the list.

First, search for MKZ and find the TSB
then google the TSB and you come up with the following example:
TSB 13-9-10
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Maybe we can all keep this thread updated with all the TSB info since it rolls off as it gets old.

6581 - 2013 Lincoln MKZ - Check Adaptive Headlamps Message Displayed With DTCs B1087 B1088
See TSB: 13-09-11 for details. 13-09-11
6580 - 2013-2014 Lincoln MKZ - Vehicle Shifts To Park Below 8 Km/h (5 MPH) And/Or Wrench Light With DTC P081F
See TSB: 13-09-10 for details. 13-09-10
no there are others. if you google 2013 mkz tsb you will find a few.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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