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I'm one that love to do it myself when it come to most repairs, I never thought it would be so hard to change out a little blown fuse under the dash. Oh my GOD, It ain't easy and you have to know which one it is. I was changing a bulb in trunk and putting that back blew a fuse. I haven't figured out which fuse blew and they are hard to reach any help please. :eek:

There are fuse box layout diagrams in the owners manual.

You do not say what model or year you have but you should be able to locate a PDF version of the owner's manual on-line at Lincoln support. Try this link to look up yours and after you open it, use the search feature of Adobe reader or whatever PDF reader you have for the word "fuse" and you should find it easily.

As far as hard to reach, they make a fuse puller for the flat type fuses or you can use a pair of long nose pliers to make it easier to reach them.:)
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