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Did this end up fixing your issue? With the battery drainage and all?

I'm having the same issue with my lincol MKZ 2015. Gonna get it taken to get looked at tomorrow. I hope its coveted under my extended warranty (it should be)

Just this past Monday I tried starting my car with remote start and it kept blinking red. I found it odd, so I went outside and next think I know my car was completely dead. I had thought I left the lights on or something. Figured it was my bad. So I just jumped started it. Everything was fine, until the next day I tried starting it. It started but my trunk would not open at all. I thought it was very strange! Tried my remote, wouldn't open, tried the button on the dashboard, NOPE! so I looked up some videos on YouTube and came to find out these models are infamous for trunk module issues, which also causes battery drainage issues. The next day, my car was dead again. I jumped it and I just left my trunk alone, I said I wasn't gonna even bother opening it as I didn't want it to kill my battery again. I thought that would atleast fix the issue for now so I wouldn't have to keep jump starting it but NOPE. This morning I tried remote starting it again and it was completely dead once again. So I'm just wondering if replacing the module fixed all your issues along with your battery issues? I've had this car for a month and its already gave me transmission shifting issues and now my battery and trunk 😭 its draining my pockets off deductibles alone. I need help.
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