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Trunk Lid Close Mechanism Failure

I had this intermittent failure until it became permanent.
Did the battery disconnect 3x to reset the lock -- NOPE.

The mechanism has 2 working parts:
1) The upper lid lock that grabs the bar at the lower unit base
2) The lower unit motor loop that pulls the lid closed snuggly below the twin spring flaps.

I used a nail to act as the engage bar for the top lid mechanism trigger to get it to close and used the FOB to open and release the nail. THAT worked. Half-way to the solution.

The lower loop bar motor mechanism that pulls the lid down tight was frozen "closed" below the twin flaps.
I saw RUST on the mechanism and liberally sprayed WD40.
Waited 10 minutes and with the upper lid mechanism OPEN I SLAMMED the lid closed HARD.
The lid grabbed the arm and locked.

--Before I tried this I lightly bounced the lid to see if it would catch -- and of course it would not catch because the loop was below the twin flaps in the locked lower position -- Hindsight would say "tap the par lightly with a hammer after a WD40 drowning" would also add the needed fix --

The force of the HARD close caught the loop and dislodged the stuck lower mechanism and the latch works now.
I continue to monitor the mechanism and spray White Lithium Greased and WD40 on it.

DANGED if it was nothing more than a MAINTENANCE issue to stay a step ahead of the rust inhibiting the metal movement.
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