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Last week I traded in my 13 MKZh (34111 miles lifetime MPG 40.7) for a 15 MKZ 3.7 (Bronze Fire - Dune Int) Got the preferred package and the Tech package...Only thing that I dont have from my previous is the THX sound system... First thing I noticed was that the turn indicator stick works like a normal car it clicks into place ...One thing that stands out is that you cant do much with the steering wheel controls like on the Hybrid.. With the Hybrid was able to set the Nav for Favorites,POI and Previous Destinations... This is not possible with the ICE engine cluster... Only thing you can do is show the compass and when you have a destination set all you can do is cancel.... So you have to you use voice commands or pull over and stop ... Had the car for a week and I am still driving Hybrid style...Coasting a lot and hitting the brakes just enough to make contact to charge the battery that is not there.. and last but not least when i turn off the car there is no MPG screen that tells you what a great job you did driving.... Overall great car I enjoyed it enough to get another one.
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