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Thoughts on Invigorating Lincoln

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At the crux of luxury is emotion. Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi they all offer an emotional experience across their model lineup, emotion becomes the core competency and without one you can forget about attraction. There is nothing wrong per se with Lincoln vehicles being dressed better derivatives of their Ford brethren, I mean Audi has been parading that strategy for years, even Cadillac shares platforms with the rest of General Motors. Where the strategy becomes unforgivable is when you dress like a gentleman and behave like a child.

What Lincoln truly needs is a disruption, Cadillac did it after all. Currently Lincoln may make some interesting products but it doesn't do anything better than a German except come in at a lower price point. That is not good enough. The only way to make a name for yourself in the luxury segment field is to create a better car for your rivals and then turn around and undercut them on price. Thats called value. Now value and luxury may not be synonymous but thats when you think of value as a pure price ploy, its not. Value is a bang for your buck, how far can your $50K travel?

Back to emotions though, Lincoln needs to carve out its own emotional offering. BMW offers the thrill of driving, Mercedes the elegance of making it Audi lets you ride on the cutting edge and Porsche, well Porsche is Porsche. Lincoln cannot compete with those on a head to head basis, but what they can do is rekindle what they once stood for. We don't need Lincoln to care about lap times, top speeds or 60 sprints, there are plenty of those companies that do that better than Lincoln and Ford for that matter. What we don't have is a luxury car maker that makes you feel special and comfortable, Lincoln was that brand at one point. Lets bring it back?

Make a statement Lincoln, even if the car is unprofitable from a business standpoint, who cares, emotions are irrational. Captivate the heart, infiltrate the mind and we'll open our wallets, I promise.

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The Continental should be revived. It has such an iconic name and could be turned into an awesome halo car, or a sedan that would be placed above the MKZ. I would also support a coupe of some kind. Something that was smaller and perhaps less practical, but it would be focused on looking the part. Throw in a nice engine too.
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