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Thinking of selling my 2017 MKZ

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I thought I would start a different thread about my overall experience so far with my 2017 MKZ. Since I bought my MKZ with 35k (CPO) in March I have had a myriad of issues. It has become clear the dealer that sold it to me did little to no 200 point inspection and probably just certified it with no sort of check at all. I am guessing they slapped new tires on it and called it a day. I have taken it to the dealership three times for different issues, with little success of resolving the issues. My time is a precious commodity right now and going to the dealership every other week doesn't sound like something I want to do going forward. I am seriously thinking cutting my losses and moving on.

My list of issues are as follows:

1. Water gurgling sounds in dash: I have taken it to the dealer twice for this and they said it was normal for the car (after explaining to Ford Engineering). I am going to escalate to Lincoln customer support (concierge?) because this is really annoying and shouldn't be considered normal. I may try burping the cooling system the old fashioned way to see if that gets rid of the air.

2. Flapping/Rattling/Grinding noise from right front area: I took to dealer and apparently some of the undercarriage covering had become loose and was rattling around. Apparently there were some fasteners loose and missing, which they replaced. That resolved that issue.

3. Rattling/Wind noise coming from the rear seat area: This is similar to #2 . Undercarriage coverings were loose and missing fasteners. These were replaced and it fixed this issue.

4. Vibration/jittery from what appears to be right front area: I took it to the dealership for this. I thought it was a bent rim/out of balance tire because it kinda had that feeling. Dealer re-balanced tire but I still get a shaky vibration, it gets more noticeable around 40-50 and anything above 70mph. Once over 70 it gets really noticeable. Not very confidence inspiring on the highway.

5. Howling noise: I mentioned it to the dealer but I think they thought they resolved it with #2 . At a steady 40 MPH and over 70 MPH, a low pitched howling noise (this could be related to #4 ). Getting into the 80's it becomes louder. It seems to becoming from the right front area. Which makes think that the vibration sound issues are due to something either loose, broken, or bent in the suspension up in the passenger front. Could a broken or loose engine mount cause this vibration?

6. Poor MPG: Really this is city only but getting around 13-15 mpg in city driving. Mentioned it to the dealer and they said nothing was wrong. They did say that my tires were under inflated and recommended I keep them at 38 PSI. I averaged 26.5 on the highway going 75 mph on a 4 hour trip a couple weeks ago.

I have accepted that I will take a loss of some sort if I trade it in. However, going back and fourth with the dealer (whom is just servicing the car, didn't sell it to me) to fix these issues is getting old real fast. What is making this even more difficult is that Ford is blowing out Fusions in my area with 1350 cash on the hood with 0% for 72 plus my Z plan. It a huge difference in Fusion vs MKZ in what you get (a lot more than the old days) but a new Fusion Titanium 2.0 with a proven engine and less headaches (plus 0 interest vs. my 1.9%) is starting to sound appealing.

I have delayed any sort upgrades that I wanted to do (window tint, intake, tune, and maybe exhaust) because of these issues. Appreciate any thoughts from folks on this, especially with #4 and #5 .
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