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the Lincoln experience, or not.

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Is the MKZ suffering as a luxury vehicle because Lincoln doesn't have a luxury shopping experience? My MKZ was purchased in joint Ford/Lincoln dealer alongside haggling shoppers trying to get a cent or two off a Fiesta's
$20k MSRP.

Cadillacs are not sold in Chevy dealerships, even Lexus is branching out from its Toyota roots. Is this part of Lincolns identity crisis?

The flip side is could Lincoln even support an individual dealer network subsisting on Lincoln sales solely? Not right now...

What do you guys think?
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The shopping experience is definitely an important part of buying a vehicle. A bad shopping experience can cause you to not buy an otherwise amazing vehicle, and a great shopping experience can convince you to buy a car that is more expensive, or make a firm decision when you are conflicted.

I don't think Lincoln could support its own dealer network, but that does not mean it can't improve its shopping experience. Shopping experience, unlike products, can be updated and improved fairly easily. It is one of the easiest ways car companies can improve sales.

Ford/Lincoln could look into this as a way to boost sales for sure.
Lincoln has great features and interiors, what they need to work on is the exterior design. Their cars still look like old person cars. There needs to be more sex, youth, and power. The design is getting stale IMO.
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