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Test Drive: 2013 Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid

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A Tale of Two Lincolns

Lincoln has been suffering an identity crisis for quite some time now.

Turns out a series of rebadged and gussied-up Fords just ain’t enough to raise this brand to its former (and we’re talking many moons past) level of prestige and glory. Currently, the Edge crossover begets the MKX, the Taurus the MKS, the Expedition the Navigator and the Flex the MKT. At least the latter has significantly different sheet metal.

And of course there was the last-gen MKZ – a boxy mid-size Ford Fusion sporting a barely perceptible layer of mascara and some extra cow and timber within. A decent car, but ultimately so Ho Hum.

Enter the 2013 Lincoln MKZ. Ta da.
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