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Sport Mode

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First I wanted to say this is my first turbo engine and my first 4-cylinder; I'm pretty much owned V8s, previous two cars were a 6.0L Pontiac G8 GT and 5.7L Dodge Charger RT.

Anyway, I just wanted to let folks know there is a huge difference between the throttle response/torque in Drive vs. Sport mode, it's almost like a different car, which I like. My question is to the 3.7 V6 guys, is this same on the naturally aspirated 3.7L, as the 2.0L turbo?

Just curious?
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@ Telepathy - in Drive there is a slight delay when you tap the throttle, most people wouldn't notice it, unless you driven in sports mode, which can be attributed to the turbo spooling up as golfball mentioned.

Overall, the steering gets heavier (in a good way) and there is a noticeable increase in throttle response and overall power delivery.

Again, this is for the 2.0L turbo, I can't speak on the NA 3.7L.
I remember reading this zep, thanks for the refresher/clarity.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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