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Sport Mode

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First I wanted to say this is my first turbo engine and my first 4-cylinder; I'm pretty much owned V8s, previous two cars were a 6.0L Pontiac G8 GT and 5.7L Dodge Charger RT.

Anyway, I just wanted to let folks know there is a huge difference between the throttle response/torque in Drive vs. Sport mode, it's almost like a different car, which I like. My question is to the 3.7 V6 guys, is this same on the naturally aspirated 3.7L, as the 2.0L turbo?

Just curious?
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its not turbo lag, EcoBoost engines were designed to eliminate Turbo lag, its quite a clever set up actually. We're all familiar (somewhat) with how turbos typically work, the difference for EcoBoost is direct injection. The fuel pump shoots fuel directly into the combustion chamber instead of into the intake port as usually. By doing it this way you eliminate waste, notice how EcoBoosts don't have the typical wastegate WOOSH.

the result is low end torque and elimination of lag.

the sport mode in the MKZ simply ups throttle response and keeps the necessary revs on tap longer..
I remember reading this zep, thanks for the refresher/clarity.
no worries, its great technology glad to see you're enjoying it the way it should be enjoyed;)

how do you like what sport mode does to the MKZ's suspension? Its supposed to stiffen it considerably, obviously nothing of BMW or Cadillac caliber but it should attack corners a little better than typical...
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