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Soooo Disappointed

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I have owned my 2013 MKZ Hybrid for four months now, regret my decision to give Ford a chance to redeem themselves. My first Ford was a mustang I got when I was sixteen. It was a maintenance nightmare and I swore I would never buy another Ford again. Thirty years later, I thought I would give Ford a chance to redeem themselves and I bought the new 2013 MKZ Hybrid. Unfortunately it has been one bad experience one after another. Well publicized were the problems and delays with getting my MKZ which I ordered in the fall of 2012 and did not get until April 2013. While the people at corporate in Deerborne MI were amazing, my local Lincoln dealership salesman and manager were appalling! Once I finally received my MKZ, I was very happy with the car, but the honeymoon was over almost immediately! Within 5 days the first problem happened when I lowered the backseat to access the trunk. While folded down, the seat belt locked and the seat could not be returned upright to use. I took it to the dealership to fix and before I could get home, the seat fell back open to the trunk while coming to a stop. I assume they did not fully close the seat in a locked position, but once again, the seat belt would not retract and the seat was locked open to the trunk, AGAIN. After the third attempt to "fix" the problem instead of just replacing a faulty seatbelt, I had to simply cut the seat belt out myself. I could not afford another day off to take in the car for the same problem. The next problem occurred with the sunglasses holder coming out of the interior ceiling. Following that a dizzying array of rattles have developed in the interior trim of the roof. Not only is the plastic trim around the sunroof loose, the glue used to hold the trim in place comes unstuck/untacked and the rattles are obnoxiously numerous and loud. Also the front right speaker in the passenger door is loose, no blown, but any music with moderate base causes an annoying rattle. WORST & MOST DISAPPOINTING of all is the MPG!!! Ford should be ashamed and embarrassed to advertise 45 mpg city and highway. I have been driving my car like an OLD MAN, using all the gauges to maximize the mpg and braking to maximize the battery recharge and I only have a total combined mpg for 4 month of 36. And I live in FLAT FLAT Florida. I can't imaging what anyone in hilly or mountainous areas my be able to achieve. As anyone may guess I very much regret choosing the Lincoln MKZ over the Lexus ES Hybrid, which was my second choice. I did choose the MKZ over the ES because I did, and still do think the MKZ is a much more stylish car which I find more visually appealing, however the poor quality of the car make me regret the decision every day.
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I really don't understand why this is happening with the low reports of mpgs from consumers. How is it any different from when they test it. Are they using a magical gasoline or what? Maybe they should underguess the mpgs...
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