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So disappointed in 2010 Lincoln MKZ

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Never buy a Lincoln MKZ:
Purchased a 2010 Lincoln MKZ in summer 2012. Nothing but little problems, and then a large repair: entire sunroof unit had to be replaced. I've driven cars for 10-15 years that never needed the sunroof replaced. Lincoln's response: sorry about your luck.
I've had the car to the shop several times because it pulls left. No one can get it aligned, including the dealership. Taking it to the dealership again this week.
I will never buy another Lincoln, nor do I recommend anyone does. My experience is that apparently it’s normal for the Lincoln MKZ to:
- Pull the left constantly, and nothing to be done
- Sunroof require a $1400 replacement every four years
- LED taillight go out and need a $420 replacement
- Highlight switch retaining ring break into pieces
- Carpet on the driver’s side tear from front to back after 90,000 miles
There are just too many things wrong with this car – should have gone with the Hyundai, Kia or Nissan.
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I have had very much the opposite experience with my MKZ 2010. Car drives like a dream and handles very well. The car almost drives itself and is smooth like butter on the highway with excellent acceleration! I have not had your problems and love my car. Did you get a CarFax when you bought it? Sounds like it was in am accident.
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