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Slightly better news for Lincoln and the MKZ

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So September was actually a really good month for Lincoln and its MKZ. The MKZ sold 12% more vehicles this September than last September. That is 2874 MKZs sold for the month. And, overall, MKZ sales are up 1% from last year at this point. I take that as a win for Lincoln. Hopefully things continue in the right direction.
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It's not bad news, but it is as close to bad news as possible without being bad news. I think that Lincoln is starting to figure out what it needs to do in order to get out of its slump in the future. More models that people actually want to buy!

Like Infiniti, Lincoln should plan to put out plenty of new and improved models over the next little while.
That and they should look into partnering up with some other successful car maker, something Infiniti is doing with Mercedes as we speak. But who can they partner up with?
2014 models should start to roll out any time soon, hopefully they did make the changes needed on those models so we can have some better MKZ's.
Did anyone receive their 2014 MKZ yet?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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