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great in the hills

I have owned a Fusion 2010 Hybrid for 4 years and loved it so much that i just got a 2014 Hybrid MKZ.I kept the Fusion also.
I found that driving in the hills increased my MPG because insted of down shifting to gain power to go up a hill the electric motor came on with out any gas motor RPM changes so the mpg did not change.Then when going down the hill ,the rpm's of the gas motor dropped lower so you actually are getting better mpg's in the hills then on flat roads.How great is that.As far as power goes it has plenty when needed as the electric will boost the gas horsepower when needed.By the way the only time my 2010 has been in the shop is for the 10,000 mile oil change and to put on new tires after 60,000 miles.The teck looked at the brakes when the tires were changed and could not believe that there was that many miles on it cause the brake pads looked new.I don't think i will ever have to do the brakes on a hybrid as the regen system does almost all the stopping.Another reason o buy a hybrid.Almost no maintenance cost.
And my 2014 mkz is even better fuel wise that my 2010.You have to love FORD.
And i had a Jag before going to the hybrid.Yes you loose some power and road handling fun but what a savings of $.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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