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"Sell Me an MKZ"

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The benefits of Lincoln's MKZ are outlined by Consumer Marketing Manager Dan Brady to Fox Business correspondent Stuart Varney.
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The MKZ marks the beginning of Lincoln Motor Company's reinvention. While Hybrids are usually offered at a 3,000 premium, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid is the first time the hybrid model is priced the same as the standard, non-hybrid version. The MKZ starts around $36,800.
Lincoln is moving anywhere from 500 to 800 hybrids a month, with about 15-20% of Lincoln's sales coming from the MKZ as a hybrid. Lincoln recently announced they would be doubling hybrid production capacity.
The hybrid boasts impressive fuel economy as well. During testing, fuel economy ranged from upper 30s to low 50s, usually claiming 45 mpg regardless of city/highway driving. EPA certified and tested, the hybrid is equipped with a smart guage and an Eco Guide that gathers information and data to show you how you're using your vehicle. The Eco Guide can adjust power settings to conform to your driving, save on energy and maintain desirable fuel economy. With all these features and such a luxurious look, it's easy to fall for the MKZ.
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15-20% of Lincoln's sales coming from the MKZ as a hybrid
thats a good number and to think this is just a start. Just imagine where they'll be as they keep this up and improve on their systems.
I think it can be good business. They are going to be into hybrids for the long term so they could use this loss as a way to build a foundation and rep in the automotive world to eventually transition into some of the best selling and profitable hybrids.
how they dispose of, recycle and refurbish the batteries would be interesting to see and how much of an impact that makes.
they have decent sales on the hybrid because they dont charge more for it

its the same price as the gas model. which is RARE.
how much are other car makers charging for hybrid?
i know infiniti charges $3k more for the QX60 hybrid over the QX60 non-hybrid
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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