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I just purchased a 2011 MKZ Hybrid. Coming from a 2008 Prius with absolutely great mileage I find I really love the MKZ. It wasn't hard at all to give up the extra mileage in order to get a truly luxurious ride.

I do have a question about the seat cooling feature. I notice the heat cooling turns off when going to EV node, in the manual it states any time the rpm drops below 350 or so it turns off. I'm not sure why as the AC still continues to run in EV but it behaves as the manual states.

Has anyone overcome this, seems to me if you could change the input of the relay/switch to a line that is controlled by the key switch that would help. But hey, who wants to do that and would it work.

Has anyone done anything about this, is there anything that can be done...

Sure love the MKZ.
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