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Sales per Model

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Lincoln is always ragged on for their sub par sales volume vs the rest of the luxury segment. So I thought we could have a peek at sales volumes by a metric that paints Lincoln in a more favorable light...

Lincoln only retails 5 models as of right now. When you consider that that Cadillac has 9 or Mercedes has 18 and you should be able to see where this is going....

February 2014 average sales/model:

Infiniti: 9,729/9 models = 1,081 sales per model.

Lincoln: 6,661/5 models = 1,332 sales per model

Cadillac: 13,437/9 models = 1,493 sales per model.

And now to compare 2013 sales/model with Audi, BMW and Mercedes:

Lincoln: 81,694/5 = 16,338 average units per model

Mercedes: 334,344/18 = 18,574 average units per model

BMW: 309,280/16 = 19,330 average units per model

Audi: 158,061/15 = 10,537 average units per model

The big caveat to this is profit margin. Margin multiplied by volume equals profit, and Lincoln still has a long way to go in terms of goosing their transaction prices upwards. But I still find this information encouraging. And considering Lincoln makes use of mainstream Ford facilities it keeps overhead low. I'm quite confident this is the exact reason Lincoln is still with us today..
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Doesn't look that good for Audi comparing to BMW and Mercedes.
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