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Recovery Point - AWD Model

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I purchased a 2017 AWD 2.0 model from PA and I need a front license plate bracket for NY. I want to install an aftermarket bracket that installs in the front recovery location, however I do not have the pop-off cover under the passenger headlight to access the hook location. Does this model have a front recovery receiver/thread? If so, is it in the same locatation and FWD models (allowing me to drill a hole in the bumper)? Thanks.

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Howdy! How's your search for the recovery bracket?
I did not receive feedback on this forum. On another, it was shared that there is not a front recovery integrated on this model (year?). Seems ridiculous that Ford did not provide a point/hook to pull the car to safe location - maybe because of AWD? I mounted a factory center mounted bracket.
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