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Panoramic Roof on the 2013 Lincoln MKZ

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The 2013 Lincoln MKZ embodies an all-new experience with a 15.2 square-foot skylight, one of the largest retractable glass roof panels in a production sedan.

Key elements of the 2013 Lincoln MKZ's retractable glass roof include: a wind deflector for a soothing ride within the cabin, the self-adjustable roof moves eight inches forward at speeds above 40 miles per hour to maintain a quiet riding environment and a watertight cabin in the face of the most demanding conditions.

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The look of the tracks on the rear window don't bother me but i could see the mechanism having issues down the road. Being exposed to the elements and driving all year round, debris can get in to the tracks and cause seizing issues. It might not be able to open a function once summer comes back around.
Well at least they made it work some were quick to point out the flaws before they could even figure it out. Guess its optional or you have to turn it on. Don't know how the car reviewers missed that one.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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