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On Lincoln and the MKC

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First things first, I want to say those of you who knock Lincoln for platform sharing with Ford need to get over it. What do you think Audi is without VW platforms underneath?

And heres this from Bloomberg:

Results from clinics with prospective customers indicate the moves Lincoln is making are beginning to pay off, VanDyke said. The company often surveys these potential buyers with brand logos concealed, and Lincoln typically does well until its badge is revealed, he said.
Right so now thats off my chest, onto the goods. The MKC will be debuting in 2014 and surprise surprise, its based on the Ford Escape ;) but it would be your mistake to insinuate the MKC is in fact a Ford Escape.

To start off the MKC has a wider track than the Escape which required an all new front suspension geometry to avoid the nastyness of bump steer. The rooflife of the MKC is lower than the Escape across all pillars. Seating is lower so naturally CG is lower.

MKC also gets its own spec set of rotors and calipers to further shape the MKC's dynamics to feel like something German.

But the star of the show will be the Lincoln exclusive 2.3L EcoBoost engine that is expected in the Ford Mustang next year. the 2.3 is expected to kick out 275 horses and 300 lb-fts of torque, oh look, exactly the same as the BMW X3.

Oh and lets not forget, the MKC is handsome. Virtually unchanged from its concept form here is the production MKC...

The MKC will go on sale early next summer at $33,995

Go ahead and hate it ;)
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BTW who said anyone was transitioning from Acura to Lincoln or vice versa? Both of them are wallowing in the same position, its likely a lateral move...

I will say Lincolns have more sex to them than Acura. Id rather drive an MKZ than a TL or TSX...
I did. I said due to Ford/Lincoln vehicles being not as reliable as Acura's, it's a reason for someone that was into Lincoln to move to Acura as it just as affordable, but you get a more reliable vehicle.
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