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Official Lincoln MKZ OEM Accessories

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While the MKZ may not be a customizers dream, nor very popular with the aftermarket, Lincoln does offer several useful, albeit overpriced OEM accessories for your Z.

Full Vehicle Cover- $209

Floor Mats: Dark Coffee, Ebony- $110

All Weather Floor Mats- $95

Side Window Deflectors- $89

Cargo Area Protector- $99

Cargo Net Envelope- $50

Vinyl Bumper Protector- $75

Wheel Locks- $54

Rear Seat Portable Entertainment System- $349

Remote Start System- $245

Ash Cup with Lighter- $60

Interior Lighting Kit- $249

I think the lack or limited selection of MKZ accessories is more a testiment to how much included kit this car comes with from the factory. That my friends is what I like to call value :D
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to stop rain from coming in if you crack the window open slightly
and for smokers it pulls the smoke out without water bashing in during rain
and they are a crap ton better than the oem ones
This seems like a good plan. The WT mats just don't look as nice as the carpet. I would only use the WT mats year round if I lived in a place that got a lot of rain. Otherwise, it seems appropriate to switch between the two sets of mats as the seasons change.
i personally like the WT mats.
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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