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Official Lincoln MKZ OEM Accessories

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While the MKZ may not be a customizers dream, nor very popular with the aftermarket, Lincoln does offer several useful, albeit overpriced OEM accessories for your Z.

Full Vehicle Cover- $209

Floor Mats: Dark Coffee, Ebony- $110

All Weather Floor Mats- $95

Side Window Deflectors- $89

Cargo Area Protector- $99

Cargo Net Envelope- $50

Vinyl Bumper Protector- $75

Wheel Locks- $54

Rear Seat Portable Entertainment System- $349

Remote Start System- $245

Ash Cup with Lighter- $60

Interior Lighting Kit- $249

I think the lack or limited selection of MKZ accessories is more a testiment to how much included kit this car comes with from the factory. That my friends is what I like to call value :D
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The interior lighting kit looks like a nice touch. I've never understood what those side window deflectors are for. Can anyone enlighten me?

Anybody interested in buying any of these?
Good to know. I still don't think I'll be getting them, but at least I now understand why they are there.

I'm also curious what the wheel locks do.

The portable entertainment center seems like a bit much for the MKZ. Those only belong in big family SUVs, and even then they are a bit questionable to me.
wheel locks keep people from nicking your rims and leaving you on blocks. I'm not sure how someone can classify DVD headrests as only being appropriate in large SUV's, makes very little sense to me to confine entertainment only to big SUV's, you know people who own MKZ's have children too, and they might even take a roadtrip...
Sure it is good for keeping the kids entertained, but I just associate those screens with more SUVs and airplanes. I just don't see the MKZ as a family vehicle really. It is more about my own opinion and less about if it actually works or if other people would like it.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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