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Before you look further into our NOCO GB70 review, we know that you are still wondering whether this product performs as advertised. The GB70 is not only a powerful and easy to use jump starter but also a multi-functional device. And through our in-depth review, we can assure that the GB70 genius boost is what you are looking for.
What’s Included In The Box?

The NOCO GB70 has included all essential components in the box, saving you the hassle of having to find extra parts. The first thing you can find is a pair of battery clamps wired directly to the product, keeping you from losing them.
There is a two-way 40″ cable, ideal for extending your charging connectors’ range. Already have another NOCO product? Did you know you can connect them together for higher output? This can be done through a set of male and female connectors right in the box for both forward and reverse connections.
A micro USB cable is available to charge your GB70 battery pack, just plug in a 12V adapter, and it will be full in no time. The manufacturer also provides a microfiber bag for you to store your GB70 jump starter in comfortably.
Technical Features And Benefits Of The GB70
Before you spend your hard-earned money, you surely want to know in detail “what this product can do?”. We will go further into each feature of this NOCO Genius Ultrasafe Lithium Jump Starter to answer that question.
Powerful Dead Battery Recoverer
The GB70 jump starter, first and foremost, packs a 2000-amp of battery capacity, scoring up to an impressive 40 jump starts on a single charge.
Its ample capacity makes recovering a dead car battery a piece of cake; you can jump-start virtually any batteries of cars, trucks, boats, etc.
This product is universally compatible with standard engine sizes, ranging from up to 8 liters for gasoline engines and 6 liters for diesel engines.
Ultrasafe Design
One impressive thing about the GB70 is its range of safety. The car battery clamps’ contrasting design keeps you from mistakenly connecting them; even if you do, then not panic, as they feature reverse-polarity protection and shock-proof technology.
Not only for recovering batteries, the NOCO GB70 also functions as a portable power bank and a flashlight.
Its 12-volt output can charge any smart device from phones, tablets to laptops.
The integrated flashlight works better than we expected; its brightness can go up to 400-lumen (comparable to a LED lamp) with fully adjustable light modes. This is exceptionally useful in night time, when your car is down and you want to fix the engine or change a deflated tire.
Informative LED system
This system is what makes the NOCO GB70 stand out the most. From the control panel you can inspect the product’s operating status through observing the LED dots. They represent various information such as current capacity, power state, and a distinct error notifier.
Military-grade Durability
NOCO also put into the GB70 what they call “their most advanced design ever,” and it is not just for advertisement. A high-discharge lithium battery as a power system delivers flawless operation under any climate.
The NOCO Genius GB70 is certified IP65 dust and water-resistant; this means you can leave this product in a storm or bury it in the sand, and it would still work fine.
Moreover, there is a rugged rubberized frame encasing the Genius Jump Starter, keeping it scratch-free and resilient to impact.
See all the Pros and Cons of NOCO Genius GB70
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