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Greetings to all from Corvallis OR. I’m the new owner of a 2014 1 owner, 14.5k, MKZ Hybrid, red on black. It’s my second Lincoln, the first was a 89 MK VII with A TON of go fast goodies.... starting off with a Paxton!
I also bought a 96 MK VIII but I did not register it in my name due to the closure of the dmv , a consequence of the pandemic I had plan on using it to start a little part time retirement business of paint less dent removal, paint repair and vinyl wrap. However things got complicated and I gave to a fellow who lost his barber shop; hence I never owned it.
I do have a long history of utilizing a blog such as this while I was under the overwhelming control of a wonderful affliction called JAGUAR!! Having lived with 9 of them I became a quite competent diy’’er... for a physical therapist. LOVED them all, the epitome of the affliction was a bare metal rodsteration of a SR III 6.2 stroker v12 under 6 twin throat Weber’s pushing through a Richmond gear 6 speed and tearing up the desert pavement was a set of 17x9 chrome wire wheels and 245-45 17 BF Goodrich G force’s.
I’m 72 now livin with Parkinson’s, 20 years duration. So my question is what can I do to improve the performance of my MKZ hybrid with out going over the top? Also I am willing to bet the Achilles aspect is the cvt. Any and all advice is appreciated!
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