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I am the owner of a 2014 MKZ 3.7 AWD. Purchased new. Mileage ~97,000 km. Mostly love the car (not crazy on the front grill). I find the transmission rough especially at low speeds. Like when you are almost at a red light and it turns green, if you accelerate it feels like the transmission is not sure which gear it should engage and jerks the car. My dealer says this is normal. I ??? that. Last week my dealer had to change the driver side outer seat support panel for the second time!! PN: DP5Z5460763AB Panel. The fist time was covered under warranty, how ever this time I had to pay for the labor ad was without a car for overnight as they don't keep this part in inventory. I asked my dealer to show me the part and where the panel attaches to the rest of the seat the 2 eyelets where broken. Of course they are plastic. I'm not a big person (5' 8" ~175lbs). Has anyone had the same issue?
Ozzy 😄
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