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New to MKZ, previous MKS owner

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Although I've been in the Lincoln family for five years, this is my first MKZ. I've had a 2009 and a 2011 MKS, but I believe we no longer need the size of the S, and decided we would venture into the world of hybrids.
I live with my wife in Pahrump, NV and we purchased the car in Las Vegas from Findlay Lincoln. Our salesman, Alan Rothenberg has been helpful ever since we first became interested in the MKZ hybrid over a year ago. He kept in contact regularly until we could get an early termination on our 2011 MKS, and was very helpful during the actual purchase.
Two days ago, we bought a 2014 Dark Side with light dune interior. I am still working through the many electronic differences from the S. Coming from the dealer, I reset the mpg gauge and for the last 30 miles or so, the car averaged 70mpg!
Although the highway was mostly gradually downhill, even the uphill parts didn't use much gas. I'm pretty sure that when going to LV, we'll lose some of the mpg when going up through the Spring Mountain pass, but should even things out when going back down.
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