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...well sort of ;)

Actually its RWD dash to axle proportions.

But a RWD dash-to-axle ratio on a large FWD sedan isn’t so much “creative” as it is handsome. It’s the kind of proportion that can make a large car look more elegant, even to those who don’t know what they’re looking at, so designers love to work with it. The easiest way to determine dash-to-axle is to look at the width of the sheetmetal between the rear of the front wheel wells and the front door cut of the front doors.

Using a north-south engine layout on a FWD-based car (with an all-wheel-drive option) is potentially costly, though far cheaper than switching to a dedicated RWD platform. This raises the question, too, of whether the Ford Taurus, on which the current Lincoln MKS is based, would come along for the ride. Exclusive use of the RWD dash-to-axle could provide Lincoln much-needed differentiation from the Taurus, as well as from its own midsize MKZ.
Rear-Wheel-Drive Proportions, China Production-Only for Lincoln's New Big Sedan?

Basically a FWD with RWD proportions. Although where it gets interesting is when you consider something like the A4, which even though it is a FWD based car the engine is still mounted longitudinally. Coupled with Quattro the A4 is capable of feeling and behaving like a RWD vehicle. A party Lincoln is potentially interested in crashing...
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