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Hi... Bud here. Maryland resident and new owner of Hybrid that I bought to replace a (to be) recalled 2012 VW Passat diesel. First car I ever bought over the internet and as it was a CPO Lincoln and I was able to see the Ford OASIS I went with it. Flew to Florida to pick it up at Pines Ford Lincoln near Lake Lauderdale, FL.

Drove it back to Maryland and got 43.7 MPG (hand calculated) driving it here.

Had to get a Maryland inspection done and it failed! Exhaust leak! Getting it repaired this Tuesday under the vehicle warranty at a local Ford dealer. So far, I really like this car. I am a previous Lincoln owner - a 1997 Mark VIII that I loved! Just got too old to maintain it and I knew more about the car than the Lincoln dealer did! Sold it privately and bought the Passat.

Hope to spend time with ya'll here. Also still belong to the Lincolns of Distinction forum but they are not much into the MKZ's. Good bunch of people though.

Guess that's enough of my history for now....

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