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I leased a 2013 MKZ Hybrid in June 2013, on a 3-year lease, so I have just under a year left on the lease. This is my third Lincoln and my first time ever to lease a car.

I ordered the car in May and took delivery on 20 June.

I really like the car. It's sharp looking, rides well, is quiet, and gets good gas mileage on regular fuel. I'd like to see a little higher quality materials in the interior in places but overall I'm very satisfied with this car.

I'm truly undecided right now (and have most of a year to make up my mind) what to do when the lease expires in 11 and one-half months.

I may buy this car (but only if I can negotiate a lower price than specified in the lease contract) as I do like it. I may lease another vehicle, perhaps a newer MKZ Hybrid if the new features attract me enough (new Sync system, knobs for radio, etc.). Or I may go back to purchasing (as opposed to leasing again).

If I choose something else (MKC, MKX?), the availability of a hybrid version will weigh very heavily in my decision. I have gotten very spoiled by the mileage my '13 Z-Hybrid is giving me and am not keen on going back to lesser-mileage vehicles.

What did you decide? Did you lease?

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