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Greetings fellow MKZ owners! My wife and I are about to take ownership of the 2015 Hybrid model of the MKZ. Ours will be a Bronze Fire exterior with the Light Dune Premium interior. The car has pretty much every option available on it.

We've been owners of a BMW M5 for 9 years (we financed it and paid it off at 7 years right when our warranties ended). That is a car that is built for high performance, and thats saying a lot for BMW. That was 9 years of premium gas, low mileage, and horribly expensive maintenance & repair costs, especially since the warranty ended two years ago. A fun car to drive and strictly performance based, but not for city dweller lifestyle driving. We needed something with a luxury, smooth ride, up to date safety features, style, and especially economy and reliability as we enter our senior years.

After looking hard and long at other hybrids and electric cars we kept coming back to this Lincoln Hybrid MKZ. We were pleasantly surprised to find this kind of value, having stumbled onto the Lincoln dealership by accident. What we really found in this car is a "luxury hybrid," and nothing else came close to deserving that title in our opinion. We are very excited about this car. We were sold when we first saw and test drove it, especially after experiencing what was out there alternatively.

We will be either leasing or buying, and struggling with the decision for some time. We are now leaning toward leasing as we don't drive more than 11,000 miles/year anyway, want the flexibility to get into newer cars in the future with the many changes going on with going green. Plus, we're simply weary of repair headaches on cars that we own and lose their warranty. This is a big decision for us in that regard as we no longer see the value in purchasing and keeping a car long term, unless it has a proven track record for avoiding expensive repairs and breakdowns.

Any thoughts on leasing versus buying this kind of vehicle? How does this model stand up to long term use once the warranty is over? And do the Lincoln Hybrid MKZ's hold their value after, say 5 years of normal use better than most vehicles out there?

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I leased a 2013 MKZ Hybrid in June 2013, on a 3-year lease, so I have just under a year left on the lease. This is my third Lincoln and my first time ever to lease a car.

I ordered the car in May and took delivery on 20 June.

I really like the car. It's sharp looking, rides well, is quiet, and gets good gas mileage on regular fuel. I'd like to see a little higher quality materials in the interior in places but overall I'm very satisfied with this car.

I'm truly undecided right now (and have most of a year to make up my mind) what to do when the lease expires in 11 and one-half months.

I may buy this car (but only if I can negotiate a lower price than specified in the lease contract) as I do like it. I may lease another vehicle, perhaps a newer MKZ Hybrid if the new features attract me enough (new Sync system, knobs for radio, etc.). Or I may go back to purchasing (as opposed to leasing again).

If I choose something else (MKC, MKX?), the availability of a hybrid version will weigh very heavily in my decision. I have gotten very spoiled by the mileage my '13 Z-Hybrid is giving me and am not keen on going back to lesser-mileage vehicles.

What did you decide? Did you lease?

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