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New MKZ Owner all the way from Vancouver, B.C

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Hello to all MKZ owners!!

I had just recently made my dreams come true and had purchased my new 2013 MKZ which was in November 2013 and I had just found out about this forum a couple days ago. I am from Toronto and live in Vancouver and needed a car here but every time I am back in Toronto I am behind the wheel of a 2013 Lincoln MKX which is my fathers commercial vehicle. I am a loyal Lincoln customer and will be for the years to come as long as they keep doing what they're doing now. I first went in to the dealership and requested a test drive and than sat down and decided on Color and Options and the next step was locating one and ten minutes later the sales rep had come back and said Theres only one left in Canada and its in Saskatchewan. I was extremely happy to hear that and I had left a deposit and received it in less than a week. Not alone the car but an amazing present from Lincoln for all New MKZ owners a Wooden Box carved from preserved wood with a Metal Lincoln USB along with my spare key etc. I than knew that Lincoln Motor Company is Back!. I have loved my car ever since than until I had seen four other car similar to mine in Vancouver and since than I felt like every other car out there so I decided to Customize mine and make it special and I did. Let me know how it looks!!

By the way I was told I am the Youngest Lincoln Owner in History!!


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Hello Doburden

Thanks and I had purchased the 3.7 AWD. By the way I noticed that so I just uploaded it in the photo gallery so if you get a chance take a view and let me know how it is.
Greetings Zep

Thank you and as a matter of fact I was told by my Lincoln Dealership in Vancouver !! Maybe I am not but for now I consider myself the youngest owner of a Lincoln ;)

Have a Great Day
Hello Golfball

The weather down here is AMAZING and clear skies yesterday and today !!
Hey Truthiness

There may not be a way of tracking that but I sure do consider myself the youngest and I had purchased my MKZ at the age of 20!! Its my third car and I feel age is just a bunch of numbers and it shouldn't judge ones capabilities and accomplishments. I achieved a lot for my age and I sure am proud of it. Anyhow I LOVE MY MKZ and happy to meet MKZ owners around the Globe.

P.S Check for the Photos in the Gallery

Kind regards,

1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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