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New MKZ '17 Owner

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Hello Everyone,

Id like to say im a first time owner as of 7/4/19 , im in a 2.0t Awd Reserve. I joined this forum to get a better understanding of the ownership that comes with Lincoln and any additional information that increase my experience with my new MKZ. As well provide any input or info that can assist another user where i can.

I also joined because im about to get my first service at 37000 miles, i bought the car with 31000+ miles on it. I want to take it to the dealer to service it , but im confused about my original warranty the car is still under and my CPO warranty. Id love to find a simpler source of info to understand. Reason is that i have a rattling speaker in my passenger door that needs to be replaced. I cant find it anywhere if im covered under the warranty to have that fixed. Dealership i got the car from said its covered but its 2 hours away from where i live. Also wanted info how much service maintenance would cost me at the Lincoln dealership , at least ball park.

This is a packed intro, im aware id need to go to sub sections and find threads for my questions. If anyone will comment and can provide direct URL to those threads id really appreciate it. Any dos or donts also is appreciated , any info is.

Thank You!!!!!
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