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Hey all, excited to be here. I am curretly restoring a '90 Town Car, "Elizabeth" and currently drive a '13 MKZ, "Ruby." As a 27 year old, owning a Lincoln puts me in a minority category, as many my age go for those other brands, but they just don't know. Anyway, I bought my Ruby Red MKZ in August 2015 gently used and will likely have it paid off by January 2018. Once that is done, I plan on doing some minor aftermarket work on it and getting back to restoring my frist car, the Town Car, full time. Love my MKZ, just want to make it a bit more personal. It is fully loaded and I paid a fantastic price for it. I've seen a few posts about aftermarket parts and not many responses, so I maybe in a minority if people looking to modify an MKZ! No worries! As a chemist, I don't mind experiments and will post anything I do with the results.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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