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Very pleased owner of a 2014 MKZ Hybrid. My previous cars for past 15 years have been E and CL class Mercedes, with a Cadillac CTS mixed in.
I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, build quality and overall performance were my primary concerns. What a great car this has proven to be. Without any special effort on my part, I'm averaging over 5k miles a pleasing 40 MPG. That's one nice improvement over the 18 MPG I was getting before. There are no rattles, no squeaks. All of the doors close with that tight, click that Mercedes are known for. The seats are outstanding, very comfortable.
I ordered mine fully loaded, only option it does not have are the front driving lights. I really like the pano roof, as well as the adaptive cruise. The lane keeping system is interesting, tends to disagree with me from time to time. What's really best is just how quiet the car is. The car I traded in was a 2012 Mercedes CL550, loaded with all the goodies. It had a half of the options this MKZ has. It was noisier, only had "ventilated" seats and on its best day it got 22 mpg. The night vision was a useless option, the ride was harsh for as heavy a car as it was. What's most amazing is that the MKZ is $70,000 less!
Looking back, I'd never go back to the MB line again. This MKZ has fully converted me, no comparison in my opinion.
Let's keep this a secret though. Don't want to flood the market!
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This is my first posting ever in this forum (just joined this morning).

I am leasing a 2013 MKZ hybrid that I ordered, pretty loaded. The fact that the price for the hybrid version of the MKZ was the same as the standard version is what made me try a hybrid vehicle.

I quickly got spoiled by the mileage (although it's never been close to the 45 mpg originally touted) and now I will be very reluctant to get another vehicle that isn't hybrid (or some other high mileage vehicle.

I like the bells and whistles in this car and I like the ride and quietness. I'd like a higher material quality in some spots, and more rear seat leg and head room, but overall I'm very pleased with it.

I have just under a year left on my 3-year lease and am wrestling with what to do when the lease expires. I am even considering buying it at the end of the lease but only if I can negotiate a lower price as the price specified in the lease contract is higher than I think is warranted.
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