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Hello everyone. My name is Petros. I have a 2017 MKZ 3.0tt AWD with the panoramic moon roof. Its got around 11,500 miles on it. Live in Michigan so the roads are awesome...

I recently had a major issue with my engine. Was cruising on the freeway 75-80 mph and the low engine oil pressure light came on. Had it towed to my dealer. They found metal shavings in the oil and had to replace the engine. Prior to this I was smelling a burnt oil or plastic smell. Took it in and they said nothing was wrong. Then I took it in for an oil change and they stripped the oil pan... Started leaking oil in the garage and took it in to them. They replaced the filter and then a week or two later they replaced the oil pan. Fast forward 4 months and I have an engine failure. Anyone else had this issue? They can buy the car back (Lincoln told me) so I am having that done. Not sure if I should get another MKZ 3.0 tt or the 2.0 t. Wasn't sure if others with the 3.0 tt had the same issue or not. Thanks for your help!
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