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I am planning on buying a '17 or '18 MKZ Hybrid to replace my wife's '16 Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid, which we are attempting to have Hyundai buy back from us (Lemon Law). I also own of 2004 VW Phaeton V8, which I am trying to sell that now (see ad in Autotrader).

This would be my first Lincoln, although we did once own a Ford Aerostar (until my son totaled it.) And before the Aerostar, our first new car purchase as a married couple, was a Mercury Marquis Brougham in '84.

I am retired, but my wife still works. I also have owned a 2001.5 New Passat, and 2005 Touareg V8. I once bought a '15 new Passat for my wife, but had the dealer buy it back after a month or so. I found out they sold it to me with an unfixed recall (brakes!) (a violation of federal law). As such, I am used to the VW forum "vwvortex" which seems similar to this one (although much, much larger.)

The reason for selling my Phaeton is that I recently purchased a '17 Volvo S90.
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