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I found this site because we are in the process of ordering a 2014 MKZ (H) version.
Attended the LA AUTO SHOW on TWO different days to evaluate the correct vehicle for our needs. We owned a Hybrid before 2007-2011, it was a great vehicle (Prius) until we noticed the opposite of DE-celeration problems & high altitude abnormalities....

This will be our second experience with a hybrid vehicle, but this time a LUXURY vehicle if all goes our way...

I've been dealt a MAJOR blow to my health, I'm in the fight for my life "NO THANKS" to my PCP Doc's Office!

PLEASE go this link: Winter 2012 Article - "Optimists Club: Improving the Colorectal Cancer Outlook"

I'm improving BUTT still a long ways to go in my recovery...It has been MONTH$, month$ not being on a golf course let alone any extended period of time to hit golf balls...

I am a Professional Golf Caddie, covering So. California,Nevada,Arizona & Utah. I have worked my share of PRO & qualifying events. My wife & like to play golf, attend Corvette & Mercedes Benz automobile events, attend local PGA golf events & meet new people to play golf.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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