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Hello All,

I am pleased to join forum.
3 yrs ago I purchase a 2013 MKZ Lincoln. I loved the style, its aggressive look and its technology. I opted for the 2.0L AWD for its economical engine and AWD for the hilly and curvy terrain of North Georgia. My MKZ has done everything I asked of it, from soft driving mode to sport mode (when I am not with my wife our are grand children). I have had some 2 major issues with the MKZ. 1st. was the Ford lug nuts used on the MKZ caused a number of problems for me. It was only until I replaced the aluminum capped ones with chrome plated ones that solved the problem. The second was the aluminum hood which started to show pit holes and bubbles around the edges. I was told that it caused by the galvanic reaction of the iron frame and hood support which was not sealed properly. This was fully taken care of by Ford at the Lincoln body shop. My full warrant expires the end of September and I was considering a new 17 MKZ but was told that the Eco-boost engine could have high pressure blow back problems that resulted in intake valve contamination and failure. I have NEVER had any problems with my engine (37K) but will look into this. COMMENTS ARE WELCOME

If I find out anything on this I will update the forum.

Robert S
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