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New Lincoln MKZ Sells in Record Numbers in April

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After a rough launch, it looks like Lincoln is turning it's fortune around with the MKZ.

It seems that Lincoln is on its way to recover from the failed launch of the new 2013 MKZ, with proof coming in the form of the company’s April sales figures.

According to Ford’s executive VP of global marketing, Jim Farley, the luxury automaker’s stylish sedan is “right around the 4,000-unit sales mark,” which means it sold more last month than it did from January through March, when a total of 3,758 units were shifted.

Apparently, this is the best-ever recorded figure since they dropped the Zephyr name and went with MKZ instead. That’s because they finally managed to ship cars to the more than 11,000 dealers, many of which are still in transit, according to Farley.

"This is going to be a long road over the next months and years coming for remaking Lincoln," Farley told Autonews in an interview. "It's such an important journey for the company. It will not only need to continue but accelerate for us to be competitive."

We say it will all be down to the quality of the car itself – the buyers looking for these sort of models are well-informed, and what's left for the ad people to do is point out the reasons why they shouldn’t opt for Japanese or German, which will be complimented by the fact that many will be very interested in buying a car bearing a local, American brand name.
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The MKZ launch was a total bust and was very embarrassing for Lincoln. After that, many people start to write them off and Lincoln was one nail short from a closed coffin. Ironically, Lincoln's fear of botching the MKZ launch resulted in them delaying shipment to dealers and was actually the cause of them almost destroying themselves.
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