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New Lincoln Head is Named by Ford

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Ford has hired a new head of its Lincoln division. Ford announced the move this week.

Kumar Galhotra, the automaker's current vice president of Engineering, will take the reigns of Lincoln on September 1st.

Mark Fields said:

"Now is the right time for the next chapter in accelerating Lincoln as a world-class luxury brand. Kumar has more than 25 years of global product and business experience, including leading engineering for all of our Lincoln vehicles today. Being our dedicated senior Lincoln leader will serve our clients, employees and dealers extremely well going forward.
Jim Farley had been leading the Lincoln brand since 2012, but he will now revert to his role as executive vice president of marketing-sales and service.
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Farely was never really in charge, he was simply lending an extra hand that he didn't really have. I like Galhotra for the simple reason that he's a product guy and product guys ALWAYS push for the best possible product because after all product leads brand not the other way around.

More importantly Galhotra put in a several year stint heading up Ford Asia Pacific, now he's running the show just in time for the Asian invasion. Good move.

P.S Reins, not Reigns ;)
/pedantic (I know)
I hope he can bring Mark Reuss levels of product dedication to the table, I'll even settle for Ralph Gilles levels ;)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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