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Hello everyone!

I just purchased a new magnetic gray 2019 MKZ Reserve I with the 2.0T FWD. I hang onto my cars for about 10 yrs, having come from a 2000 Contour SVT and a 2009 Fusion SEL.

This Lincoln seems to be a much more substantial vehicle than my prior. Larger in size, but feels solid with so many features. Hopefully I don't spend the next 10 yrs troubleshooting issues... but whatever I do I'll post here for reference and hopefully help others.

A few things I noticed about the Lincoln that weren't documented in the literature.

- Aluminum hood
- Aluminum front fenders
- Active grill shutters
- Asymmetrical lower grill valance

I've already installed STEEDA jacking rails and strut tower brace designed for the Fusions. The jacking rails bolted on easy. The strut tower brace required moving the hood strut rod as detailed my someone on the STEEDA website in the reviews section.

I also have a 3M Invisible Mask kit to install and will pick up some winter wheels/tires later this fall.

Thanks for the add to this forum! - Tom V.


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