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it plays a tone through each speaker, 1 at a time, and identifies which speaker it is on the screen as it goes.

Its hard to understand what this entire Bezel menu is for.
Some menus simply show you the hardware/software revision levels
Some are for "checkout", like the speakers, and the antenna signal strength of the radio.
I think the touch menu is the only menu to allow calibration.
It a very strange mix of menus.
I would think there must be another hidden menu to allow tweaking of settings. Like, a choice to display signal strength of the radio on the screen.
I am surprised there are not more items to calibrate or more items to view
Yeah for all we know there could be a lot of different menus seeing how most of the diagnostic systems are based on the MKZ's infotainment system. At least we know what tools come with the car.
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